What does Contrast offer?

Contrast Cafe is at the core of Contrast Leiden’s activities. However, we offer a wealth of other activities. You can explore them below.

Contrast Cafe

Contrast Cafe is organized once a month. It is happening on Friday night; you will find the dates on the Upcoming Events page. The evening starts with a shared hot meal (free of charge). Of course you can also drop by after dinner. Every cafe night has its own theme, ranging from a Dutch night to a Sinterklaas party to a pancake night. Contrast Cafe is all about food, fun and friendship. It is an great place to meet Dutch and international students in a relaxed atmosphere. The cafe is free.

Host Family Programme

Ever wondered what the Dutch are really like? The Host Family Programme is an excellent opportunity to connect with a Dutch family. If you sign up, we will put you in touch with a family. They will then invite you to share a meal with them, or do other fun things together. You can ask us for more information or sign up straight away.

Eat & Meet Programme

Would you like to have a Dutch buddy to hang out with sometimes? Then the Eat & Meet programme is for you. If you sign up, you will be linked up to a Dutch student. After that, it’s up to you – you can go for a coffee together, have dinner, visit a museum, ask questions about the Dutch language and Dutch culture… Endless possibilities! You can sign up here.

Alpha Course

If you are not a Christian but interested in what Christianity is about and what it means to be a Christian, then the Alpha Course is for you. We get together in small groups once every few weeks. We have dinner together and afterwards we discuss a theme. If you want more information before you join, feel free to contact us! You can sign up here.

Bible Study Group

If you are a Christian looking for fellowship, then join our Bible study group. We get together in a small group every few weeks. We share a meal, pray, sing, and study the Bible. You can sign up here.

Be Present

Be Present is Contrast’s prize-winning volunteer work programme. Be Present links mixed groups of Dutch and international students to one-day volunteer projects in Leiden. Examples of projects are painting someone’s house, helping someone move house or having dinner with refugees. You can sign up here.

Day Trips

Every now and then, we organize a day trip. This could be a visit to a typically Dutch city (Gouda, Haarlem, Delft), a hike or anything that strikes our, or your, fancy. Input is always welcome!

Extra Events

Extra events can be anything really. We regularly visit Bach cantata services together for instance, but it really depends on what comes up. We’ve also organized an apple pie baking workshop a couple of times – this turned out to be popular so expect it to return!
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