Life in Leiden: Cute Cafes

As winter is here, the need to warm up over a coffee or hot chocolate grows. We’ve listed a few of our favourite places to go to on a cold and rainy day. Or any day.  🙂

1.      Suppiershuysinghe

Het Suppiershuysinge | Gerecht 2

The Suppiershuysinge, or Koffiehuisje, has got to be one of the cosiest cafes in Leiden. It is tiny and cute and old. They have great furniture, a chess board, a cat, a dog, and, of course, great coffee. You can have organic coffee, or soy milk instead of cow’s milk if you prefer that. They have amazing apple pie (with whipped cream!) and their hot chocolate is pretty good, too. They also have a sandwich bar which is open 11 am – 3 pm Mon-Sat.

2.      Francobolli

Francobolli | Apothekersdijk 38

Francobolli is a great place to go to if you want some peace and quiet. It’s still in the centre but not in the Nieuwe Rijn area. The greatest thing about Francobolli is that they do not only sell coffee, cakes and sandwiches – they have a great selection of postcards as well! You can even use their fantastic postal service (€0.25): they will post your card for you on the day of your choice! Go check out how their system works – it’s quite amazing. PS They have very yummy cakes.

3.      Snijers Lunchroom

Snijers Lunchroom | Botermarkt 15

Snijers is a family owned pastry shop plus lunchroom. They have a quote on the wall that says something like “This is the place where your grandparents met”. When you enter, you will be immediately confronted with their mouthwatering selection of pastry and chocolates. You may find yourself wanting to take some home after you’ve had your coffee. And you should, because it’s yummy and affordable as well.

4.      Borgman&Borgman

Borgman&Borgman | Nieuwe Rijn 41

Borgman&Borgman is a recent addition to Leiden’s cafe scene. They grind, roast and brew incredibly good coffee. If you want to go beyond your regular cappuccino or latte, you can! Try their cold brew, Aeropress or Chemex brews – you name it! They also have an excellent range of teas which come in a very clever tea pot (yep, you want to try this). Don’t forget to order their caramel-ginger crunchie alongside or a toastie if you are seriously hungry. Also, ask for their loyalty card: 9 stamps (i.e. 9 coffees) = one free coffee of your choice! PS They recently won a prize for their excellent coffee – they got a final grade of 9.5 out of 10 and a 10 for their cappuccino!

If you want to try your Dutch skills, here is how to order:

“Een (twee) cappuccino en een (twee) appeltaart met slagroom, alstublieft.”
One (two) cappuccinos and one (two) slices of apple pie with whipped cream, please. 

“Ik wil graag een koffie.”
A coffee for me, please.

“Mag ik alstublieft een cola en een sinaasappelsap?”
Can I have one coke and one orange juice, please?

When it’s time for you to leave, this is how to ask for the bill:

“Mag ik de rekening, alstublieft?”
Can I have the bill, please?

You can wait for it at your table, but it’s absolutely fine to walk up to the till and ask for it.

If you want more phrases, let us know!

Of course there are many other great cafes around Leiden – these are just the ones that we think really should be mentioned. Enjoy exploring them!