Dorka Fabian, Hungary

Contrast Café… I still remember when I first saw an event of Contrast Café on Facebook. Honestly I couldn’t imagine how it worked. I thought it was an event in a real cafe, where I could order food or drink. When I first visited Contrast Cafe with one of my friends, Klaudia, we were really excited. We had just arrived in the Netherlands, everything was new and a little weird, and we didn’t have that many friends. And then we realized Contrast Café is something really special. The people at Contrast have a goal; a goal to shape a little family, to help the international students to get to know the real face of this beautiful land. When we first participated in an event, it was in September. That was a Dutch Night. Dutch foods, Dutch activities, everything was Dutch. We could try the famous hutspot, haring, vlavlip and ontbijtkoek in a really nice and international company. We met people from South-Africa, Thaiwan, Germany, Cuba, Columbia, so people from all over the world. Then we helped to wash up. Now it is not surprising that it wasn’t the last time when we participated in an event of Contrast Leiden. Thank you for everything!