Laila Gabriel, Germany

When I first came to the Netherlands, I lived in a Duwo apartment with international students only. I was eager to improve my Dutch, but found it difficult to get in touch with Dutch students. In the laundry room I then saw a flyer for Contrast Café and when a friend visited from Germany, we decided to go to the Contrast Café bbq party. From that day on, Contrast Café was a part of my life in Leiden. It is a great opportunity to have a nice dinner with friends, to meet people and make new friends from all over the world, to practice Dutch with native speakers and to learn about different countries and cultures. In the past year, we had a nice Indian dinner and a henna workshop, Italian pasta, a delicious Afghan meal and learned to write our names in Amharic, one of the languages spoken in Ethiopia, after trying to eat the Ethiopian dinner with our fingers (which was fun of course :-)). I will definitely miss those Friday nights with Contrast when I leave Leiden.