Mayara C. Faria, Brazil

When I arrived in the Netherlands I knew that having good and solid friendships would be essential for my time there to be a nice one. So after reading a description about Contrast in Leiden University’s guide booklet I thought that I could find people in that group that would be interested in knowing me, learning about my culture, sharing their lives, faith and culture with me and caring about my needs. And that’s exactly what happened! I really liked the Contrast meetings (and could even help organizing one), the conversations, the games, all the food from different countries that we tasted and the open minded atmosphere that makes it possible to have discussions that in other situations would be prevented by prejudice. Contrast has helped me to learn with the differences between people, it has helped me to love the things that make me unique and it has brought to my life friendships that have remained alive despite the physical distance. Contrast has helped my time in the Netherlands to be remembered as one of the most life changing periods I’ve experienced so far!