Sabarinath Krishnan, India

I can confidently say that I met most of the friends I made in my three eventful years at Leiden, both Dutch and International, through Contrast. The ambience, the feel and the general bonhomie at Contrast dinners, parties and other events are quite delightful! Remarkably, it is Dutch hospitality at its best, if I may say so. It is definitely one of the better ways to get familiar with not just Dutch culture but also a lot of international cultures and people and yes, a great opportunity to learn and experience all those different mind-boggling varieties of cuisine, if you appreciate the wonderful pursuit of gastronomic adventures! From Mexican and Indian (the dot as well as the feathers!) to Korean and Chinese, the variety of people and cuisine at Contrast events make Contrast an excellent lesson in international and intercultural organisation. I have attended several memorable Contrast evenings over the past three years and every time, I learnt something new about different cultures and made new friends. I wish Contrast the very best and hope it continues to be the warm, welcome and fun place for international students that I know it to be.